Amateur Radio

Revised 2019-01-08

New or updated entries indicated with New or Updated. Labels expire in 30-60 days.

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  1. American Radio Relay League (ARRL) Member since 1975
    1. US Amateur Radio Bands (also see the worldwide table on the FCC site)
    2. Code Practice Files (CW will never die…)
    3. ARES vs RACES FAQ (Two Flavors of Amateur Radio Emergency Operation)
  2. AC6V Ham Radio DX Reference
  3. Antennas
    1. Beverage
    2. Chameleon Antenna (portable & loop ant's) New
    3. The Classic Multiband Dipole
      Steve Ford, WB8IMY, QST, March 2004
    4. HF Antennas 101 pdf
      Van Field, W2OQI, QST, September 2004
  4. APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System)
    1. APRS Direct
    2. Google Maps
    3. VHF Propagation Map (APRS activity on 144 MHz in the last hour.)
  5. Azimuth Map (NS6T)
  6. Call Lookups
    1. HamCall
    2. HamData
    3. QRZ
  7. Digital
    1. Modes
      1. DMR
        1. BrandMeister Network
          1. BrandMeister News
          2. Hose Line
            1. South Jersey TG 31341
            2. TriState TG 31360
            3. Worldwide TG 91
            4. TAC TG 310
          3. Talkgroups (Download CSV etc list using buttons atop page)
        2. CCS7 User Database (sesrch by call or DMR ID)
        3. Digital Communications Interconnect
          1. Talkgroups
        4. Digital Mobile Radio (DMR)
        5. Discovering DMR by KE0FHS (multi-part series)
        6. DMR Learning Series by KD8TWG
        7. DMR Learning Series by K8JTK
        8. DMR-MARC
          1. Worldwide Talkgroups
        9. DMR For Dummies
        10. Ham Digital
          1. Digital ID Registration
        11. K4USD Network
        12. N2JTI NJ-NY-PA DMR Ham Radio Network
        13. N2NTA NY Metro DMR Repeater Network
        14. WR3IRS Interstate Repeater System
        15. Netwatch NJ-TRBO
        16. XLX Multiproticol Gateway Reflector
        17. Repeaters, Area List
    2. Radios
      1. Anytone AT-D878UV New
      2. Retevis New
      3. TYT MD-UV380
        1. Notes
        2. 60 Days with the TYT MD-UV380 (source: HVDN)
        3. Firmware Update: TYT MD-UV380/390 Update 17.05 (also CPS software) (source: HVDN)
        4. Teardown & Comparison: TYT MD-UV380: Part 1 & Part 2 (source: HVDN) New
    3. Hotspots
      1. NEX-GEN Custom Hotspots
      2. SharkRF Hotspot
      3. ZUMspot & MMDVM Demo Page
      4. ZUMspot Raspberry Pi Info and Setup
      5. ZUMspot— DMR Hotspot
    4. Nets
      1. List of DMR Nets
    5. Resources
      1. Buy Two Way Radios
      2. Grapevine Amateur Radio
      3. Ham Radio Concepts
      4. Ham Radio 2.0
      5. Hudson Valley (NY) Digital Network New
      6. Using APRS on DMR…
    6. Software
      1. Codeplugs
        — Codeplugs are enigmas. Whereas it is best to learn to build your own codeplug, looking at samples can help. These repositories may be helpful. Third-party codeplug editors (below) can convert file formats. Ses my notes below.
        1. DMR at Foxhollow
        2. DMR Starter Codeplugs…
        3. DMR-Utah Codeplugs
        4. Global DX System MD-380 Codeplug
        5. Hoosier DMR Codeplug Vault
        6. Hudson Valley Digital Network Codeplug Repository
        7. KD2KVZ DMR Codeplugs
        8. MD-380 Brandmeister codeplug | Digiham
        9. National Codeplugs | DMRTexas
      2. Codeplug Editors
        — FYI. I haven't evaluated or thoroughly tested all editors. Back up your codeplug files. I like and use N0GSG's software; recommended.
        1. DMR CPS Programmer by DL5MCC
        2. DMR Config—Command Line Editor (Win/Linux/Mac OS) by KK6ABQ New
        3. Editcp—Codeplug Editor by WJ2O (manipulate codeplugs)
        4. N0GSG Contact Manager (manipulate codeplugs)
        5. TYT Codeplug Editor by G6AMU (manipulate codeplugs)
      3. Pi-Star
        1. Pi-Star Forum
        2. Reflectors
        3. BrandMeister Talkgroup List
        4. Pi-Star Notes by KE0FHS
        5. Updating and upgrading Pi-Star by KE0FHS
    1. History of the Ham Radio Callsign
  9. FCC Part 97 Rules & Regulations
  10. Lightning
    1. IEEE: How to Protect… pdf
    2. Lightning Protection for the Amateur Radio Station – Parts 1, 2 and 3 pdf
      Ron Block, KB2UYT, QST, June-August 2002
  11. K0BG (mobile ops)
  12. Morse Code (translator, trainer, more... fun)
  13. NG3K Amateur Radio Contest/DX Page
  14. OH8STN Digital Radio & Off Grid Power (Raspberry Pi uses) New
  15. Repeaters (VHF/UHF et al)
    1. Coordinating Councils
      1. Area Repeater Coordination Council (ARCC) (sNJ, ePA)
      2. MetroCor–Metropolitan Coordination Association, Inc. (nNJ, NYC area, LI)
      3. Middle Atlantic FM and Repeater Council (T-MARC) (DC, DE, MD, nVA, eWV)
    2. Linking (via Internet)
      1. EchoLink
      2. IRLP | Internet Relay Linking Project
    3. Publications
      1. RepeaterBook
        1. DMR Repeaters in DE
        2. DMR Repeaters in MD
        3. DMR Repeaters in NJ
        4. DMR Repeaters in NY
        5. DMR Repeaters in PA

Some notes on the TYT MD-UV380…

Eternally under construction

The MD-UV380 is a mid-2018 dual-band variant of the popular MD-380. Web searches do not yield much information about the radio. In my opinion, the manual could be improved. The folliwing items are notes and observations made since purchasing the radio in July 2018. The CPS software is version 1.03

A few notes on codeplug manipulation…

Eternally under construction

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