NJ Towers

… with a focus on Burlington County & surrounding NJ counties

Revised 2019-12-29

New or updated entries indicated with New or Updated. Labels expire in 30-60 days.

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Service: PS-Public Safety Av-Aviation Bc-Broadcast Bz-Business Mi-Military Tr-Transit Ut=Utility
About the Antenna Structure Registration Number
Search the ASR database by ASR number, owner or location.
Our assumption: ASR towers are taller than most, have more antennas, transmitters, wider coverage, and serve multiple customers.
Overall Height Above Ground Level (in feet)
tbd-to be determined — location per FCC record; tower not yet found
County Location Owner ID Svc ASR AGL Map
Atlantic Egg Harbor NJTPA, Parkway Div PS 1058148 156 Map
Atlantic Egg Harbor Twp Atlantic City Intl Airport ATC Av ATC
Atlantic Mays Landing County PS 1238142 210 Map
Atlantic Mays Landing State PS 1046911 290 Map
Atlantic Mullica State PS 1046968 215 Map
Atlantic Pomona State PS 1203096 135 Map
Bergen Hackensack County PS 1019035 165 tbd
Bergen Mahwah County PS 1013178 200 tbd
Bergen Mahwah County PD PS 1268539 220 Map
Bergen Paramus NJTPA, Parkway Div PS 1057949 163 Map
Bergen Ridgefield NJTPA PS 1244658 145 Map
Bergen Saddle Brook NJTPA, Parkway Div PS 1058136 80 Map
Burlington Bass River County
Atlantic Coast Communications Inc
1046068 245 Map
Burlington Bass River NJTPA, Parkway Div PS 1058146 160 Map
Burlington Bordentown County N PS 1230195 250 Map
Burlington Bordentown NJTPA PS 1212478 243 Map
Burlington Bordentown PSE&G Ut 1044540 250 Map
Burlington Bordentown State PS 1046963 285 Map
Burlington Browns Mills CTI Towers Inc Bz 1045250 182 Map
Burlington Burlington Twp SBC Tower Holdings LLC Bz 1280488 155 Map
Burlington Burlington Twp SBC Tower Holdings LLC Bc 1275638 163 Map
Burlington Burlington Twp WIFI-1460 Bc Map
Burlington Burlington Twp ??? ?? Map
Burlington Chatsworth County E PS 1046923 272 Map
Burlington Chesterfield Twp NJTPA PS 1206420 244 Map
Burlington Columbus American Towers LLC Bz 1049522 218 Map
Burlington Cookstown T-Mobile Northeast LLC Bz 1236327 153 Map
Burlington Crosswicks SpectraSite Communications LLC Bz 1052983 279 Map
Burlington Delran American Towers LLC Bz 1027977 225 Map
Burlington Evesham Capital Telecom Bz 1281449 130 Map
Burlington Evesham Crown Castle MU LLC Bz 1245016 160 Map
Burlington Florence County N(s) PS Map
Burlington Florence SpectraSite Communications LLC Bz 1055889 231 Map
Burlington Hainesport T-Mobile Northeast LLC Bz 1263912 120 Map
Burlington Hainesport Winzinger Inc, Robert T Bz Map
Burlington Jacobstown County NE(s) PS 1236089 175 Map
Burlington Jenkins County SC PS Map
Burlington Jobstown STC Four LLC Bz 1034068 148 Map
Burlington Lumberton SBC Tower Holdings LLC Bz 1211498 154 Map
Burlington Lumberton T-Mobile Northeast LLC Bz 1240516 185 tbd
Burlington Mansfield County N(s) PS Map
Burlington Mansfield SBA Properties Bz 1208519 132 Map
Burlington Maple Shade AT&T Mobility Spectrum Bz 1271519 135 Map
Burlington Maple Shade Vertical Bridge Towers Bz 1268307 124 Map
Burlington Maple Shade ??? Bz Map
Burlington Maple Shade ??? Bz Map
Burlington McGuire AFB McGuire AFB ATC Mi Map
Burlington Medford Lakes County
1045663 261 Map
Burlington Medford Lakes T-Mobile Northeast LLC Bz 1241188 160 Map
Burlington Moorestown Lockheed Martin Bz 1298159 195 Map
Burlington Moorestown NJTPA PS 1278278 255 Map
Burlington Moorestown PSE&G Ut 1044541 220 Map
Burlington Moorestown WPHT-1210 Bc 1042786 429 Map
Burlington Moorestown ??? ?? Map
Burlington Mount Holly ??? Bz Map
Burlington Mount Holly County PS 1206517 197 Map
Burlington Mount Holly New Cingular Wireless PCS Bz 1283155 162 Map
Burlington Mount Holly TowerCo Assets LLC Bz 1274729 160 Map
Burlington Mount Laurel American Towers LLC Bz 1045856 185 Map
Burlington Mount Laurel Cellco Bz 1062485 185 Map
Burlington Mount Laurel County PS 1204091 370 Map
Burlington Mount Laurel County NW PS 1244252 370 Map
Burlington Mount Laurel New Cingular Wireless PCS Bz 1274895 160 Map
Burlington Mount Laurel New Cingular Wireless Svcs Bz 1003345 115 Map
Burlington Mount Laurel T-Mobile Northeast LLC Bz 1058660 165 Map
Burlington Mount Laurel ??? Bz Map
Burlington New Egypt American Towers LLC Bz 1052983 279 Map
Burlington Palmyra County
New Cingular Wireless Svcs
1003353 168 Map
Burlington Pemberton County NW(s) PS Map
Burlington Pemberton County NE(s) PS 1046925 150 Map
Burlington Pemberton Twp Comcast Bz 1045248 243 Map
Burlington Pemberton Twp WWJZ-640

Bc 1200395
285 Map
Burlington Rancocas New Cingular Wireless PCS Bz 1278783 92 Map
Burlington Shamong TowerCo Assets LLC Bz 1270320 199 Map
Burlington Southampton American Tower Bz 1237802 263 Map
Burlington Southampton Crown Atlantic Bz 1062543 629 Map
Burlington Southampton STC Four LLC Bz 1059476 156 Map
Burlington Southampton Mount Holly Water Co Bz 1207400 157 Map
Burlington Southampton SBC Tower Holdings LLC Bz 1301651 153 Map
Burlington Springfield Twp ??? ?? Map
Burlington Springfield Twp ??? ?? Map
Burlington Sweetwater County SW PS Map
Burlington Tabernacle County
1209255 300 Map
Burlington Tabernacle New Cingular Bz 1061399 797 Map
Burlington Tabernacle ??? ?? Map
Burlington Warren Grove County SE PS 1207268 275 Map
Burlington Warren Grove FAA AEA-450 Av 1252754 298 Map
Burlington Westampton County NC PS Map
Burlington Westampton New Cingular Bz 394 Map
Burlington Woodland Twp American Towers LLC Bz 1045851 316 Map
Burlington Woodland Twp American Towers LLC Bz 1237802 263 Map
Burlington Woodland Twp Comcast Bz Map
Burlington Woodland Twp CTI Towers Inc Bz 1064293 351 Map
Burlington Woodland Twp WBZC-88.9 Bc 1046923 272 Map
Burlington Wrightstown County PS 1220929 75 Map
Burlington Wrightstown SBC Tower Holdings LLC Bz 1032831 122 Map
Burlington Wrightstown T-Mobile Northeast LLC Bz 1238793 133 Map
Camden Atco County 700 MHz PS Map
Camden Berlin County PS Map
Camden Berlin County PD Zone 4 PS Map
Camden Berlin State PS 1046971 308 Map
Camden Blackwood County 700 MHz PS Map
Camden Camden State NJSP PS Map
Camden Lindenwold County PS 1221199 205 Map
Camden Lindenwold County PS 1221200 205 Map
Camden Lindenwold County Central PS 1254234 340 Map
Camden Lindenwold SBA Monarch Towers Bz 1257969 188 Map
Camden Pennsauken Twp County PS 1282039 280 Map
Camden Pine Hill County F1/F2 PS 1221198 Map
Camden Voorhees County 700 MHz PS Map
Camden Waterford Twp NJ Pub B/C Auth Bc 1045125 937 Map
Camden Winslow County 700 MHz PS Map
Cape May Cape May Court House County PS 1238589 220 Map
Cape May Upper Twp NJTPA, Parkway Div PS 1058149 170 Map
Cape May Woodbine County MIS Dept PS 1268067 170 Map
Cape May Woodbine County MIS Dept PS 1268068 170 Map
Cape May Woodbine State PS 1046974 223 Map
Cumberland Bridgeton County PS Map
Cumberland Bridgeton County Sheriff PS 1255394 214 Map
Cumberland Bridgeton County PS 1257444 200 Map
Cumberland Bridgeton State PS 1046970 200 Map
Essex Bloomfield NJTPA, Parkway Div PS 1058138 105 Map
Essex Bloomfield NJTPA, Parkway Div PS 1256639 250 Map
Essex Montclair NJ Pub B/C Auth Bc Map
Essex Newark Newark Liberty Intl Airport ATC Av ATC
Essex West Orange County Sheriff PS Map
Essex West Orange State PS 1046913 Map
Gloucester Clayton County PS 1066025 240 Map
Gloucester Deptford NJTPA PS 1212474 232 Map
Gloucester Mount Royal County PS 1066026 240 Map
Hudson Hoboken NJ Transit Rail Ops Tr 1065370 240 Map
Hudson Jersey City NJTPA PS 1250727 229 Map
Hudson Jersey City State PS Map
Hudson Kearney NJ Transit Rail Ops Tr 1065371 328 Map
Hudson Secaucus NJTPA PS 1236123 125 Map
Hunterdon Cherryville County PS 1214994 223 Map
Hunterdon Cherryville State PS 1046969 272 Map
Hunterdon Kingwood State PS Map
Mercer Hamilton NJSP PS 1239138 170 Map
Mercer Hightstown NJTPA PS Map
Mercer Lawrence Twp NJ Pub B/C Auth Bc 1045124 989 Map
Mercer Princeton State PS 1046964 276 Map
Mercer Trenton (L&I) State PS Map
Mercer West Trenton County PS 1200262 49 Map
Mercer West Trenton County PS 1212960 98 Map
Mercer West Trenton County PS Map
Mercer West Trenton NJSP OEM PS 1214219 130 Map
Mercer West Trenton NJ OEM PS 1251914 150 Map
Mercer West Trenton State PS Map
Mercer West Trenton Trenton-Mercer Airport ATC Av ATC
Middlesex Cranbury NJTPA PS 1212469 201 Map
Middlesex Iselin NJTPA PS 1212481 205 Map
Middlesex New Brunswick County PS 1002708 237 Map
Middlesex Port Reading NJTPA PS 1212472 196 Map
Middlesex South Amboy NJ Transit Rail Ops Tr 1065372 228 Map
Middlesex Woodbridge NJTPA, Parkway Div PS 1058140 152 Map
Middlesex Woodbridge NJTPA, Parkway Div PS 1256638 250 Map
Monmouth Allenwood County PS 1281338 210 Map
Monmouth Allenwood NJTPA, Parkway Div PS 1037493 110 Map
Monmouth Freehold County PS 1205457 240 Map
Monmouth Freehold County PS 1281414 280 Map
Monmouth Hazlet County PS 1281339 200 Map
Monmouth Highland County PS Map
Monmouth Holmdel Atlantic Coast Communications Inc Bz 1046065 275 Map
Monmouth Holmdel NJTPA, Parkway Div PS 1058141 195 Map
Monmouth Holmdel State PS Map
Monmouth Marlboro County PS 1281337 Map
Monmouth Millstone State PS 1046967 Map
Monmouth Shrewsbury NJTPA, Parkway Div PS 1062642 Map
Monmouth Upper Freehold County PS 1281416 Map
Monmouth Wall Twp NJTPA, Parkway Div PS 1058143 Map
Morris Dover NJTPA, Parkway Div PS 1062641 200 Map
Morris Netcong County PS 1045661 240 Map
Morris Netcong State PS 1046972 262 Map
Morris Randolph County PS 1230799 240 Map
Morris Randolph Twp State PS 1046965 240 Map
Ocean Barnegat State PS 1046912 285 Map
Ocean Forked River County PS 1279171 40 Map
Ocean Toms River State PS 1046973 225 Map
Passaic Patterson County PS 1053447 205 Map
Salem Pilesgrove Twp State PS Map
Salem Pittsgrove County PS 1042175 251 Map
Salem Upper Penns Neck NJTPA PS 1212476 232 Map
Salem Woodstown County PS 1045184 292 tbd
Salem Woodstown County PS tbd
Salem State County PS tbd
Somerset Somerville County PS 1062482 180 tbd
Somerset Warren Twp NJ Pub B/C Auth Bc 1045121 401 Map
Sussex Hardistonviile NJ Pub B/C Auth Bc 1045122 200 Map
Sussex Montague State PS Map
Union Clark NJTPA, Parkway Div PS 1045896 105 Map
Union Cranford NJ Transit Tr 1256163 170 Map
Union Elizabeth County PS 1222246 239 tbd
Union Union NJTPA, Parkway Div PS 1279728 175 Map
Warren Blairstown County PS 1215297 180 Map
Warren Hackettstown County PS 1215296 180 Map
Warren Hackettstown County PS 1283396 175 Map
Warren Harmony Twp State PS 1046966 255 Map
Warren Mansfield County PS 1202943 298 Map
Warren Phillipsburg County PS 1240840 198 tbd
Warren Phillipsburg County PS 1243900 250 tbd
Warren Washington Twp County PS 1215298 180 Map
Warren Washington Twp County PS 1251068 210 Map

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